Webpage of Kaushik Sinha

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Computing at Wichita State University. I enjoy solving problems related to theoretical and applied machine learning, optimization and algorithms. I also apply machine learning techniques to solve health/medical informatics problems.

Before joining Wichita State, I spent two wonderful years in the Computer Science and Engineering department at University of California San Diego as a Postdoctoral Scholar. My mentors were Sanjoy Dasgupta and Kamalika Chaudhuri.

I received my PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Ohio State University. My advisor was Misha Belkin.

I am an affiliated researcher at the Institute for Fundations of Machine Learning (IFML).


I have immediate opening for several funded PhD positions in my research group. If interested please email me (kaushik.sinha@wichita.edu) your resume.